Design Lead: Luís Quintal

Graphic Design: Luís Quintal, David Zhu, Fiona Hu , Zeng Liu, Alan Yan, Echo Liu  and Jon Tham

Motion Graphics : Luís Quintal

Copywriting: Sohaib Ahmed and David Ye

Photography: twobytwo, Sparq


We started this project in Shenzhen with a modest team of 6 graphic designers in charge of creating 3 keynotes - London, India and China - in just 7 weeks. I've been the lead designer behind the Global Launch (London).

In this project I was  responsible for designing and animating most of the the 200+ slides used in this presentation.  

This was  by far the biggest and most challenging project I've done for OnePlus.

All slides above were designed and animated by me. Animations were made in Keynote, After Effects and Keyshot for some CGI clips.


Recap Video from OP7 Launch Event